Workers' Compenssation is a Jumbo problem. Take control with the tool kit.

Get your workers' compensation score by answering questions in ten key areas. Once you know your score, we help you develop an Improvement Plan to bring your costs down. Then, based on your assessment results, you can plan improvements to reduce your costs.

What is YOUR Score?

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This easy-to-use Assessment Tool allows you and your company to determine how well you are controlling your workers' compensation costs and how much those costs can be reduced. By implementing processes and procedures developed by our experts over the past 20 years, we can help your company - no matter how large or how small - significantly reduce workers' compensation costs by up to 50%.

The assessment helps anticipate the roadblocks faced in returning employees to work. As you identify roadblocks, you'll need to remove them or change procedures to facilitate faster return to work.


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Who should complete this survey?

The workers' compensation project team should assemble as a team to answer and discuss the questions. If the team is not yet assembled, one person can complete the survey initially; however, once the team is assembled the assessment should be repeated.

What size company should use this assessment?

Any size company can use this assessment. However, if your company has various operating units the assessment should be completed by each unit separately. In this case it is likely that each operating unit handles injury procedures differently and may even have different insurance companies and claim administrators. Completing the assessment independently ensures the most accurate scores. Note: the scores for each operating unit will be different.

What type of company or entity can use this assessment?

Any type company or entity can use this assessment. A municipality, manufacturer, financial service, transportation, religious organization, volunteer organization, sports league, hospitality service or, literally, every type of company, entity or organization can benefit from completing this assessment and getting a workers' compensation score.

Assessing your current workers' compensation situation is an important starting point in a cost containment program because before developing a solid plan of action to reduce costs, we need to know why your costs are high.

Will this assessment be the only thing needed to determine how to lower your costs?

This assessment measures the operational components in place at your company as well as your team's awareness of major workers' compensation considerations. To gain a more complete understanding of why your costs are high, and what can be done to reduce them, we'll need to review some of your claim files.

We'd like to have one of our Medical Advisors, who are board-certified MDs, and a Senior Claims Consultant review 20-30 files in several claim offices to determine how well claims are being handled. This may take a few weeks, or as long as a month, to schedule, so build some advance time into your timetable for this step. This is normally as additional charge for this step to cover our team's time and travel expenses.

What should be done with the results?

Even a small company or entity, such as municipality or single-site small employer, can reduce workers' compensation costs significantly if they know where to focus their efforts. By understanding why your workers' compensation costs are high, you can begin to manage them and reduce overall costs.

Workers' compensation is like anything else... the closer you manage it, the better results you will achieve!

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